The Path of Zhijiang

  • 1996-2004
    Initial Stage
    Concentrate resources and focus on the construction sealant market

    In the early stages of the company's entrepreneurship, Chairman He Yongfu made a correct judgment on market trends and focused all entrepreneurial resources on the construction sealant market. The founding team demonstrated a spirit of fearlessness and hard work, gradually establishing a foothold in the construction sealant market.

    At this stage, the company was recognized by the State Economic and Trade Commission as a "National Recognized Sales Enterprise for Silicone Structural Sealant" and introduced the first fully automated production line in the domestic industry, laying the foundation for stable product quality. At the same time, the company has applied for the "National Torch Plan Project" and "National High tech Research and Development Plan -863 Plan", and was rated as a key high-tech enterprise in the 2002 National Torch Plan.

  • 2004-2014
    Growth Stage
    Mainly focus on the construction sealant market, expanding into related diversified markets

    In this stage, the company actively responded to the market changes and formulated the development strategy of "driven mainly by the construction industry and expanding into related diversified market segments", and while the construction sealant market developed rapidly, it started to expand into the adhesive market segments such as automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, and new energy. At this stage, the senior team realized that the competitiveness of the company is not only to sell products, but also to provide product solutions for customers and create value for them. At the same time, the company also put more energy into the research and development of green adhesive product solutions based on the understanding of the future trend of "safe, energy-saving, green and environmental protection" in the construction and other market segments. At this stage, the company was awarded the honor of "China Famous Brand", becoming the first company in the industry to receive this honor. At the same time, we accelerated the construction of innovation platform, established a 12,000 square meters research building, set up a national postdoctoral research station, and further strengthened our innovation capability. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, the company published the book "The Value of Perseverance".

  • 2014-2018
    Rapid Development Stage
    Based on domestic market, expand international market and build a double-cycle development pattern

    In this stage, under the leadership of Chairman He Yongfu, the company maintained its leading position in the domestic construction sealant market and continued to expand into the segments of rail transportation, photovoltaic, new materials, consumer semiconductors, and general industry. While cultivating the domestic market, Zhijiang recognizes that the company must actively explore the international market in order to achieve sustainable development in the future. The company continues to deepen its globalization strategy, inviting the father of “Hidden Champions”theory, Professor Herman Simon and Simon-Kucher & Partners management consulting team to complete the global strategic development plan, registered the international brand "FINOTECH", and set up a sales subsidiary in Switzerland to serve the global market. In terms of technology, we actively benchmark with international advanced companies. We have set up offices in Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, North America and other countries and regions, recruited foreign employees and dispatched sales engineers to serve the local market. After a series of layouts, the company gradually formed a double-loop development pattern of "focusing on the domestic market and steadily promoting the international market". At this stage, the company invested in Hangzhou Zhijiang New Material Co., Ltd (2008), a wholly-owned subsidiary, and further enhanced the construction of innovation platforms, including the provincial enterprise technology center, provincial adhesive research institute, and national CNAS accredited laboratory, and won the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, the company published the book "Small but Beautiful Growth".

  • 2018-
    High quality development stage of enterprises
    High quality development stage

    In this stage, Zhijiang has refined and strengthened its moat in the field of construction, while making comprehensive efforts in the tracks of new energy vehicles, new energy (photovoltaic, energy storage, automotive battery pack), new materials, electronic semiconductors, etc., looking for the second curve of enterprise growth. International development has been further expanded with the establishment of a sales subsidiary in Switzerland to serve the global market; the introduction of SAP software to create a chain factory; corporate innovation capability has been further strengthened with the establishment of a national enterprise technology center, joint laboratories with Zhejiang University Hangzhou International Science and Technology Innovation Center and others, strengthening strategic and R&D cooperation with nationally renowned chemical companies, The company was selected as an enterprise of Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Department's Pointer Plan, and won the second-level prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Chinese Chemical Society and the first-level prize of Zhejiang Province Chemical Industry Science and Technology Award, etc. The company entered the stage of high-quality development. At this stage, the company won the honors of “Single Champion”and “Specialized, Refined, Differentiated and Innovative Enterprise”from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The headquarters building of Hangzhou Zhijiang was inaugurated, and the Basic Law of Zhijiang was written to make an excellent top-level design for sustainable development of the enterprise.