Awards and Certification

Main Awards
Other Awards
  • 1
    Outstanding technological achievements in China's fluorosilicon industry in 2021
    2021 China Industry University Research Cooperation Innovation and Promotion Award (Industry University Research Cooperation Innovation Award)
  • 3
    2021 Zhejiang Province Intelligent Factory (Digital Workshop)
    Small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang Province (specialized, refined, and new) in 2021
  • 5
    2021 Hangzhou Municipal Government Quality Management Innovation Award
    2021 Chinese Chemical Society Science and Technology Award (Zhijiang Organic Silicon)
  • 7
    2021 Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Chemical Society (Zhijiang New Materials)
    Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievements in China's Fluorosilicon Industry in May 2021 (R&D and Industrialization Project of Organic Silicone Sealant Series Products for Modern High rise Curtain Walls) (Zhijiang Organic Silicone) Plaque/Certif
  • 9
    Innovative Enterprises in China's Fluorosilicon Industry from 2021 to 2026.5
    2020 Zhejiang Chemical Industry Science and Technology Award (First Prize)
  • 11
    2020-2023 High tech Enterprise Certificate (Zhijiang Organic Silicon)
    2019-2022 High tech Enterprise Certificate (New Materials Company)
  • 13
    2018- Certificate of Provincial R&D Center of Zhijiang New Materials Company
    Research and industrialization of organic silicone sealant series products for modern high-rise curtain walls in 2018 (scientific and technological achievements)
  • 15
    Certificate of Research and Development and Industrialization (Scientific and Technological Achievements) of Industrial Silicone Sealant Products in 2018
    March 2018- Evonik River - Strategic Partners
  • 17
    2018 (Most Innovative Supporting Product) Jinxuan Award
    August 2017- Provincial Enterprise Research Institute of Organic Silicon Company
  • 19
    Exemplary organization of Scientific and Technological Progress in 2014 (Zhijiang New Material)
    2012- Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Award (First Prize) - Second Completion Unit
  • 21
    2012-2013 China Glass Innovation Driver Award
    2010 Postdoctoral Research Workstation - Honorary Bronze Medal
  • 23
    2000 Ministry of Construction Science and Technology Transformation Guidelines Project
    1998 Zhejiang Provincial Building Materials Science and Technology Progress Award (First Prize)