Hangzhou Zhijiang Took part in The 28th Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall Expo!
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On March 11, the 28th Aluminum Window Curtain Wall New Products Expo opened in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. Hangzhou Zhijiang booth number is: 6B02, the scene was crowded, attracting many experts, customers stop to visit.

In this exhibition, Hangzhou Zhijiang presented a new packaging design, with multiple design language, complex and fresh colors to provide perfect visual enjoyment, perfect presentation of Hangzhou Zhijiang 26 years with The Times, development and innovation of the brand image!

Hangzhou Zhijiang Chairman He Yongfu, executive deputy General manager Liu Ming, deputy general manager Zhang Xu, deputy general manager You Yuzhong, sales director Jia Guojiang warmly received the leaders and guests who came to visit, introduced the company's development and product situation, deeply discussed the development direction and dynamics of the sealant market.










Hao Jiping, President of China Building Metal Structure Association, Song Weimin, Vice President and Secretary general of China Building Metal Structure Association, Dong Hong, Vice secretary general of China Building Metal Structure Association, Li Fushen, president of China Building Metal Structure Association Aluminum Door Window Curtain Wall Branch, Xie Lihui, general manager of Guangzhou Chengbo Jianke Exhibition Co., LTD., Fan Shuling, Secretary general of Beijing Building Decoration Association, Suzhou Building Metal Junction Pan Yuanyuan, honorary president of Construction Association and chief Engineer, Du Jiyu, president of Shenzhen Society of Building Doors and Windows and other leaders visited the exhibition for guidance; At the same time, the important leaders of the delegation from Suzhou, Shenzhen and other places also led a delegation to visit, the company's leaders made a warm reception.


Hangzhou Zhijiang continues to innovate and develop, this time with doors and Windows, curtain walls, assembly-type, insulating glass, reinforced epoxy, overseas markets, decoration and other areas of the system with the latest solutions, is committed to let customers enjoy one-stop convenient experience!









Hangzhou Zhijiang layout innovation, embrace the market demand, continue to improve the enterprise product force, adhere to the "100 years dream, invisible champion" goal, and industry colleagues and customers together to write wonderful, create a better life!


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