Purple Lange Comes from "Qinshan Pearl Water" | Hangzhou Zhijiang Helps the Construction of Nantong Grand Theater!
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 Building urban ecology, developing low-carbon green buildings, promoting industrialization, and focusing on creating classic regional cultural projects is undoubtedly an opportunity for China's door, window, and curtain wall industry to cater to industrial upgrading and market changes.

  March 10, 2022- The National Aluminum Door, Window, and Curtain Wall Industry Annual Conference is here as scheduled! At the meeting, under the full guidance of the China Construction Metal Structure Association (CCMSA), the 17th AL Survey (2021-2022) Annual Large Reader Survey and "My Favorite Curtain Wall Engineering" Selection Ceremony (abbreviated as AL Survey) was held simultaneously. The selection of "My Favorite Curtain Wall Engineering" in each session is known as the outpost of the "Luban Award" due to its "new, unique, high, and large" criteria and strict evaluation rules with a elimination rate of over 90%!

  The curtain wall project of the "Nantong Grand Theater" is a shining pearl in Nantong, a symbol of the connection between the city and culture, and a city name card. After undergoing multiple rounds of screening, I was successfully crowned with the 17th AL Survey 2021-2022 "My Favorite Curtain Wall Engineering" Award.
The award-winning project - the "Nantong Grand Theater" curtain wall project is located on the banks of Zilang Lake in the Innovation Zone of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, with a total construction area of 105000 square meters. It includes five halls: the opera house, music hall, theater, multifunctional hall, and youth activity center. The piano, which is designed by the architect Paul Andreu and looks like a concerto, has the design concept of "Qin Mountain, Pearl River", and is Paul Andreu's "seal pen" in China.

Renderings of Nantong Grand Theater

  From a distance, the exterior curtain wall of Nantong Grand Theater looks like a dancer's skirt, while the metal roof is just like a piano. The three metal colors form different keys, forming a unique landscape of "Qin Mountain and Pearl Water".

Realistic View of Nantong Grand Theater

The stunning night view of the "Nantong Grand Theater"

 City: Nantong, Jiangsu
Curtain wall contractor: Zhejiang Yaxia Curtain Wall Co., Ltd
Height: 57 meters
Building area: 110900 square meters
Curtain wall type: glass curtain wall+aluminum plate curtain wall+stone curtain wall
Curtain wall area: 40000 square meters
Curtain wall cost: 46 million yuan

  Sealant brand: Golden Mouse (Hangzhou Zhijiang)

Profile brand: Huajian
Glass brand: Taiwan Glass
Hardware brand: Jianlang
Insulation material brand: Haida (sealant strip)

Project highlights

The curtain wall project and metal roof design of Nantong Grand Theater are novel and unique, with many irregular structures. The curtain wall height is 57.015 meters, including various structural forms of open frame, semi hidden frame glass curtain wall, open stone curtain wall, and slotted aluminum plate curtain wall. The exterior facade and roof design are both composed of irregular curved surfaces, among which the metal roof adopts a rare vertical locking system in China. The rib crown of the roof panel is tightly folded with mechanical locks, and the folded roof is completely impermeable and waterproof. Regardless of the shape of the building, it can fully engage the joints. The entire roof has no nail holes, allowing the roof to freely expand and expand during temperature changes, avoiding temperature stress.

Realistic View of Nantong Grand Theater

Overlooking the five halls from the air, they are like five petals blooming by the banks of Purple Langhu. The suspended performance of the "Steel Symphony" is located in the center of the theater. The opera hall, with a height of 57 meters, is equivalent to a "hollowed out" 15 story building that can accommodate 1600 people to watch at the same time. The huge overhanging space brings an extremely stunning visual experience to the audience, which is not only a highlight of the building but also a construction difficulty.
In the future, good architectural solutions and excellent designs will require outstanding material companies to jointly create. Hangzhou Zhijiang will forge extraordinary quality with craftsmanship, sincerely serve all customers, and always adhere to the belief of "making life better by bonding" to help more extraordinary buildings!
Source: China Curtain Wall Network


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